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Cookies, as well as other similar technologies, are used in order to gather and store information about your PC, gadgets, and usage of this Site. This process happens automatically. Cookies help to raise the level of website and gadget performance, so that you can enjoy a better user experience. The term “cookies” is referred here to denote the technologies, files and similar methods of automatic collection of information while you navigate this Site. Below we listed more detailed information about cookies and their managing methods.

Shall you not accept the Cookies Policy of our Site, it is possible to disable them with the help of the Instructions paragraph that you will find below. Alternatively, you can set the according cookie settings in your browser. In this case, your computer or mobile gadget will not store any cookies from this website. It is important to note that if you disable cookies on this Site, it may lead to a drastic drop of user experience level, as well as the poor execution of all other Site features and Services. The features and Services may be ineffectual in this case.

The following Cookies Policy hereby uses SOLO for diamonds, as well as “we”, “us” and “our”, to denote SOLO for diamonds ( The following Policy and the Site Privacy Policy that can be found at, forms a part of our Terms and Conditions that can be found at Our Terms and Conditions renders the same meaning of capitalized terms if they are otherwise undefined in the following Cookies Policy.

The definition of cookies

The term “cookies” refers to files that contain small amounts of information when user navigates this or that site on the Internet. Such amounts of information are uploaded on the user’s PC or other gadget. The website can receive cookies after each visit. Alternatively, other sites that have an ability to process cookies can receive them as well. The general purpose of cookies is to make the work of websites on the Internet more efficient. They also provide various information to those who own the site.

Cookies serve for various purposes: firstly and most importantly, they make it efficient for you to navigate the Site. Then, they remember your preferences and on the whole improve the user experience for you. Besides, Cookies can notify us. For instance, telling us if you are a new visitor or you have already browsed our Site.

Cookies are generally divided into two types:

• First party cookies – this type of cookies is managed by us directly to your PC or mobile gadget.

• Third party cookies – this type of cookies is managed on our behalf by a third party. This type of cookies is used to track and enhance functionality, collect analytics and analyze performance, as well as for the purposes of social media.

Cookies may be stored differently on your PC or mobile gadget. For instance, the so-called 'session cookies' are stored only while your browser is open and are cleared after the browser is closed. The other type of cookies is called 'permanent cookies' – these are stored on your device even after you close the browser. Permanent cookies assist various websites in pinpointing when the browser is active once again.

Web beacon or other analogical cookie technologies can also be used on this Site. That way, when you access our Site, this technology generates a non-identifiable notice. It may be rendered by us or by third parties on our behalf. As a rule, cookies and such web beacons work together. In case you don't want the cookies showing the visiting of our Site, they can be turned off. In order to do this, visit your browser settings. Below you will find a manual how to do that. In case cookies are turned off, web beacon as well as similar cookie technologies will be able to process your visits to our pages - but these visits will not be connected to the stored information.

How cookies are used on this Site

Cookies on this Site assist us in:

• detecting the flow of traffic as well as user patterns of visiting our Site;

• estimating the total number of visitors that browse the Site, as well recognize and analyze the usage of visitors’ internet browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari; and OS (operating systems), such as Windows or Mac;

• accessing the work of all pages on our Site and steadily enhancing it;

• customizing your user experience, ultimately making it better.

Our Site also can refer to using Google Analytics Hotjar. It is a third party service that gathers and analyzes web information. That way, we can see how our Site’s visitors navigate to and from our Site and use our pages. This enables the usage of cookies to optimize our website, as well as access analytics. If you want to know more about privacy policies adopted by Google Analytics, it is available at

This Site (alternatively, third-party services that send mail) can refer to the usage of web beacons. This cookie technology is embedded in e-mails that we send to you and helps us to know if you opened the letters and/or clicked any links that appear in the text of the e-mail.

Types of cookies that we use

As for the cookies used by our Site and those used by our partners, they can belong to one of the three types. Those are 'essential website cookies', 'functionality cookies', and 'analytics and performance cookies'. You can find more information about each type, including its purposes, further below:

2. Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies store information about your user choices, therefore, assisting us in making the website more efficient and user-friendly for you specifically. That is, when you continue navigating pages of our Site, or open it after you have closed the tab, the Site will offer you services according to your previous preferences. To give an idea, functionality cookies can help us in:

• Saving your location preference, which enables you to get localized services and information when you choose a preferred location on our homepage;

• Remembering your preferred interface settings, e.g. website layout, text properties such as size, color etc.;

• Making it possible for you to see when you are logged in;

• Saving accessibility options.

3. Performance / Analytics Cookies

Performance/analytics cookies help to provide a detailed analysis of how our Site is accessed and navigated by our audience. Moreover, with the help of performance/analytics cookies, we can find out how our Site is working, which allows us to enhance your user experience, as well as steadily increase its level. To give an idea, performance/analytics cookies can help us in:

• Deeper understanding of the Site audience, which further will help us to improve the ways of posting content;

• Running tests of various design options for specific pages, e.g. our homepage;

• Gathering information about the location and preferred browsers of our audience;

• Showing the number of unique visitors of our Site;

• Enhancing the work of the Site by analyzing occurring errors and bugs;

• Enabling research and running diagnostics so that we can offer our products with more efficiency.

How to manage and delete cookies

Users of our Site can accept or refuse cookies. The information about changing your cookies preference is listed below. It is important to note that not accepting our cookies may lead to inefficient usage of this Site.

The majority of Internet browsers allow users to set cookie preferences. As a rule, you can change the settings in the browser menu, namely “Options” or “Preferences” folders. If you wish to have a deeper understanding of the aforementioned settings, as well as their execution, you can find more information how to do that in the “Help” menu listing of your browser. Alternatively, you can consult the manuals available online depending on the browser of your choice, as well as its version.

More information about cookies

If you want to know out more about cookies, as well as how they are used by various websites, the information regarding this topic is available via this link:

All About Cookies

Previously used cookies

In case you turned off Cookies (one or more), our Site can still process and use the information stored in the cookies that we received before you disabled them. We, however, will not further collect and store any information after you turn off the cookies.

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