Return Policy

SOLO for Diamonds has a 14-day return policy for all our customers

To ensure the best customer experience with our company, we are committed to a 14-day return policy. During the fortnight, you can apply for refund or exchange of the product you ordered. For instance, if your purchased item has a loose fit or the stone is not right, our company will make according adjustments to personalize your product and make sure your shopping is satisfying.


1. Get the return shipping authorization code: Firstly, file a request for refund via email at Please note that our company will not accept returns that are damaged or altered in any way or form. It is important to correctly pack the item and file insurance for your return, otherwise it will NOT be accepted by SOLO for Diamonds.

In 24 hours upon filing your refund request, you will receive your return shipping authorization code and all the necessary information to complete the return. Note that the code is active for 14 days from the date of issue. Hence, the package(s) with returned order must be shipped within the active period of your return shipping authorization. Make sure to write your return shipping authorization code on the package you are planning to ship.

If you missed the period of validity of your return shipping authorization, please contact us at +19 299 99 58 44 to request another code. If you want to know more about returns or have any other questions, please contact us via the website form or at +19 299 99 58 44.

2. Pack your purchased item: Do not throw away original packaging and accompanying materials, as they should be placed in the return package. Note that this includes packing slip as well as all diamond certificates. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be charged with $250 replacement fee per certificate. Make sure you do NOT write “jewelry”, “diamonds” and similar words indicating the package value on the package – this requirement ensures our security standards are met correctly.

3. Insure and ship: The following steps will guarantee the insurance is valid with your FedEx/UPS prepaid label. Firstly, purchase a double-safe box (FedEx) or a Priority box (UPS). Put your return item in its original package/box. Then, place the package with the return item into the double-safe FedEx box or a UPS Priority box. Finally, attach the label and drop the package off at the nearest FedEx or UPS location. A receipt from the delivery service serves as a proof of insurance.

Please note that SOLO For Diamonds and FedEx/UPS shall NOT be held responsible for packages that were sent via drop boxes or non-FedEx/UPS locations.

You can ship the return item back via any other carrier than FedEx and/or UPS if you want to use a different shipping method. However, you still need to make sure your package is fully insured and requires a signature. Please request a return receipt from the delivery service – that way, you will receive a confirmation that the package safely arrived at SOLO for Diamonds office. Our company shall NOT be held responsible for any items that were lost and/or damaged during shipping.


The return item will be assessed by our quality assurance specialist when it reaches our office. After the specialist verifies the item as such that meets the return policy requirements, we will proceed with refunding your costs. As a rule, our company takes about 7 business days to process returned items upon receiving. Refunded costs will be returned to you by the method payment chosen initially to purchase the item. In case you used a credit card, one monthly billing cycle is necessary to see your credit in your purchasing history.

Note: Make sure you write your shipping authorization сode on the outside of the return package. Otherwise it will NOT be accepted for refund. Such packages, as well as those refused in delivery, shall be subject to restocking charge of minimum 50 USD.