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Greetings from Solofordiamonds.com team! Our company always appreciates our customers. That’s why if you would like to suggest a way to improve the work of any website that belongs to SOLO for diamonds, or simply leave your feedback, feel free to contact us here. That way, we can enhance your user experience during purchasing our products. Moreover, purchasing any product via Solofordiamonds.com means that you receive a Safe Purchase Guarantee.

Services provided by our company are bound by this Terms of Use, as well as other conditions listed on customer pages. The terms agreed on by our team are aimed at making your shopping trouble-free. The Terms of Use and other conditions are listed below for your guidance.

Please note that when you visit and browse any of websites owned by SOLO for diamonds, as well as use the company’s services, you agree that you have read, acknowledged and are ready to abide by the Terms of Use listed below. Moreover, using websites or services provided by SOLO for diamonds means that you agree to comply with all corresponding regulations and laws, e.g. laws of United States Copyright and Trademark. In case you do not want to abide by the following Terms of Use, please refrain from using any websites belonging to SOLO for diamonds.


Below we provide you the full text of Privacy Policy used by SOLO for diamonds. This Policy is true for any website that belongs to SOLO for diamonds.

Ownership and Copyright

SOLO for diamonds owns and manages Solofordiamonds.com. All content on this website, including graphics, logos, icons, artworks and any other images, audio- and video-files, as well as software, design and text, is owned by SOLO for diamonds or used by us under a proper license, unless stated otherwise. The aforementioned forms of content are each protected by the U.S. and international laws of copyright.


The following trademarks and/or service marks belong exclusively to SOLO for diamonds: SOLO for diamonds, Solofordiamonds.com, ONLY LIFE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL and other marks indicated on this and other websites that are owned by the company. Trademarks/trade dress that belong to SOLO for diamonds also include other graphics, such as icons, logos, headers, as well as service names and scripts. Trademarks, trade dress and service marks owned by SOLO for diamonds are NOT to be used with other products and/or services that do not belong to SOLO for diamonds, as well as in each of the following cases:

a) in a manner that may confuse existing or potential customers;

b) in a manner that is harmful or discrediting to SOLO for diamonds.

Please note that trademarks of the products that are sold on this website and other websites owned by SOLO for diamonds belong to their respective owners.

No content, whether textual or visual, appearing on this website and listed in the Terms of Use, shall be interpreted as a right and/or license to use any trademarks or service marks posted on this website without the prior written permission issued by SOLO for diamonds or respective owners of trademarks and/or service marks. Prior written consent issued by SOLO for diamonds IS ALSO necessary for using the names "Solofordiamonds.com" or "SOLO for diamonds", as well as any logos that belong to the company. Otherwise, the names and logos may not be used. No website may use the company logos as a "hot" link without the prior written consent issued by SOLO for diamonds.

Website Usage

Any website owned by SOLO for diamonds, as well as their content in any shape or form, is intended only for non-commercial and personal use. The company prohibits using SOLO for diamonds’ websites, as well as their content, for purposes that do not fit personal or non-commercial. Hereby you agree to refrain from reproducing, distributing, transmitting, publishing, modifying or commercially exploiting any content available on any of SOLO for diamonds’ websites. The company permits downloading, making digital copies and printing the content available on any website owned by SOLO for diamonds for non-commercial use ONLY. Hereby you are bound by the following restrictions:

1. You shall not modify and use content published on any website owned by SOLO for diamonds for commercial use or public display, including sale or rental;

2. You shall not remove proprietary notices, including and not limited to trademarks, service marks, copyright etc., from any content published by SOLO for diamonds;

3. You shall not reverse engineer or deconstruct any content published by SOLO for diamonds.

Hereby you agree to use any website that belongs to SOLO for diamonds, as well as the content available on them, ONLY in a non-harmful, appropriate way. Your actions shall not interfere with and hinder the performance of any website that belongs to SOLO for diamonds.

Your Account

When using any website that belongs to SOLO for diamonds, you retain all responsibility for the confidentiality of your account, as well as securing your computer from foreign access. Moreover, you further take responsibility for all activities that take place in your account. Please note that if you have not reached the age of 18, you require a permission from a parent or a legal guardian in order to use this or other websites owned by SOLO for diamonds. The company reserves the right to a) remove or/and edit content posted on this and other websites owned by SOLO for diamonds b) refuse service c) cancel orders d) terminate accounts, on our own accord.

User responsibility

By using this website, as well as any other site owned by SOLO for diamonds, you agree to a possible submission, publishing and sharing personal information, including texts, such as names and stories, as well as visual content, such as photographs, provided by you. For more detailed information about providing personal information and your rights, please refer to "User Submissions". You hereby agree that the company does not provide a guarantee in connection with User Submissions, regardless of whether they were published on any of our websites or not.

The company does not take any responsibility for the content you provide via User Submissions, as well as the consequences of the act. Please note that the company reserves the right to a) publish b) remove any part of the content sent by you via User Submissions, without any prior notice, for any reason in our sole discretion at any time.

Ownership rights

You hereby warrant that you own all the necessary rights, licenses and permissions to use Intellectual Property Rights provided by you via User Submissions. You also permit SOLO for diamonds to use the aforementioned Rights in accordance with the Terms of Use and other user pages listed on this website.

By "Intellectual Property Rights" SOLO for diamonds refers to:

1. All foreign and/or domestic rights, interests and titles

2. All service marks, e.g. copyrights, trademarks, and similar intellectual property rights

3. All publicity, privacy and similar rights under the current foreign and/or domestic governmental regulation, as well as judicial and regulatory authority

Please note that all rights of ownership regarding the User Submissions you provide ARE PRESERVED by you.

Customer feedback

Our company is happy to hear from you in regard to our products and services. Feedback and comments help us to enhance our performance and make your shopping experience more pleasant. Any comments, suggestions and feedback in general is welcomed and appreciated, provided they do not contain the following:

1. Derogative and threatening language in regard to SOLO for diamonds and/or any third parties;

2. Invasion of privacy and breach of property rights;

3. Any harmful software, e.g. viruses;

4. Political messages, including campaigning;

5. Spam, e.g. chain letters, mass e-mails and such

Feedback may be provided ONLY from your true e-mail address. Misleading the company in regard to the feedback source (false e-mails, impersonating third parties) is strictly prohibited.

Please note that feedback should not contain creative ideas, as well as inventions, unless specifically requested by SOLO for diamonds. The company policies forbid us to consider such materials. SOLO for diamonds acquires any feedback, whether suggestion or comment, thus is not obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the aforementioned feedback. The company reserves the right to use provided feedback or its part for commercial purposes, as well as other purposes deemed expedient by SOLO for diamonds. The person(s) that provided feedback are NOT the subject to any compensation from the company.

Descriptions of products

Our company values shopper experience and works hard to preserve the accuracy level of product description. It is important to note that the colors used by SOLO for diamonds and the differences of your PC settings, such as display capacity and color schemes, can alter the final picture on your screen. Our company cannot vouch for the color and display settings of your PC, therefore, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of colors, textures or details you see. While SOLO for diamonds strives for the highest level of product description, we cannot warrant that descriptions of products listed on this or other SOLO for diamonds website are complete, 100% accurate and error-free. In case the product description and/or price is deemed inaccurate by SOLO for diamonds, the company reserves the right to refuse the sale of the said product. In the event of error being discovered after the payment, the company has the right to a) cancel the sale b) provide a full refund of the product. Shall you find the product by SOLO for diamonds not as described, you may return it, provided has not been used.

Warranties Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

Information materials available on this or any other website that belongs to SOLO for diamonds is provided on an “As In” and “As Available” basis. Moreover, SOLO for diamonds does NOT warrant in any form or shape in regard to the functioning of the company’s websites. The warrant does not concern the content, information and production presented on the aforementioned websites as well. You hereby agree that you are solely responsible for accessing and browsing this or any other website owned by SOLO for diamonds.

SOLO for diamonds DISCLAIMS all expressed or implied warranties in any shape or form, including those regarding merchantability. The company also does NOT warrant for its websites, e-mails and servers being virus-free or otherwise not containing any potential harmful software. SOLO for diamonds shall NOT be held responsible for any damages, including indirect or consequential, that occur while using this and any other website owned by the company.

The following liability disclaimer covers all situations when damages and/or injuries are caused to the user. The reasons include but are not limited to errors, failure of/delay in operation, defect, omission, malware such as computer viruses, failure of communication line, as well as inappropriate use of record for any reason from negligence to breach of contract. SOLO for diamonds shall NOT be liable for materials of offensive, illegal or derogatory nature, conducted by you or third parties.

Note: current legal regulations in some states foresee no limitations on the aforementioned warranties and/or damages. In the event such a law is applicable to your situation, as well as any of the disclaimers, warranties or exclusions listed above, you may reserve additional rights depending on the state laws. It is important to note that aggregate liability of SOLO for diamonds for any claims, as well as losses and damages of any nature, shall NOT exceed the amount paid to the company by you in order to access this or any other website that belongs to SOLO for diamonds.

Hereby you agree to defend any member of SOLO for diamonds staff, as well as its agents, from and against any legal claims, as well as reasonable accounting fees, that stem from your using this or any other website that belongs to the company AND/OR in the event of your breaching these Terms of Use.

Applicable Law

If you access and browse this or any other website owned by SOLO for diamonds, you agree that any dispute that may arise in regard to SOLO for diamonds shall be regulated by the law of %country_name% without regard to conflict of law. These Terms of Use shall also be governed and regulated by the same laws.

Shall any competent jurisdiction rule that provision under these Terms of Use is PARTLY unenforceable, such provision is to be declared limited to the extent and degree ruled by the competent jurisdiction. The provision shall remain in full force and effect afterward.

Shall any competent jurisdiction rule that provision under these Terms of Use is COMPLETELY unenforceable, all remaining provisions under these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect regardless. These Terms of Use, together with Privacy Policy, comprise an agreement between the two parties, you and SOLO for diamonds, in regard to your accessing and browsing this or any other website owned by the company.

Regulations of disputes

Shall any dispute arise in regard to these Terms of Use, it is to be resolved by negotiation between the parties at dispute. If necessary, the parties may resolve to appropriate law institutions, such as state court based in %city_name%, %country_name%.

Modification of Terms of Use

SOLO for diamonds reserves the right to modify, as well as add and/or remove, any portions of these Terms of Use for any reason in our sole discretion at any time. Hereby you agree that you are aware of the changes that took place and operate under the current version of theseTerms of Use.

Terms of payment

1. Processing of payment

Solofordiamonds.com, hereby referred to as "Supplier", provides processing of payment globally and fulfills orders via its designated service provider, Calgary Foreign Exchange Ltd., in business as GoInterpay, hereby referred to as "GoInterpay" as the Merchant-of-Record.

In the event of placing an order via Supplier, such order will be processed through checkout and payment services by GoInterpay. By reading the following terms, you hereby agree that GoInterpay, NOT the Supplier, will process your payment. In the event of successful verification of payment, GoInterpay accepts your transaction and purchases the ordered item from Supplier in order to resell the aforementioned item to you. The price remains equal to the one previously presented to and agreed on by you during the order placement.

GoInterpay will provide Supplier with the necessary payment information in order to purchase your ordered item, and then resell the item to you as described above. GoInterpay will use the billing information provided by you when purchasing. When the products are no longer under the jurisdiction of Supplier, GoInterpay obtains the item’s flash title. During the following step, Supplier fulfills your order and the aforementioned flash title is obtained by you before the item enters your jurisdiction, i.e. your delivery address filled in when purchasing. GoInterpay purchases all items in agreement with a shipment contract. Shall there be any inconsistency between the terms of a shipment contract and/or the terms of fulfilling the order, these Terms of Use will remain prevailing to the degree that is required to resolve the inconsistency.

2. Billing

You are billed ONLY after the ordered item has been received, prepared for and dispatched for delivery by GoInterpay.

Shall you choose a credit card as a payment method, it will be billed by GoInterpay with the equal or equivalent descriptor. This way GoInterpay confirms that they are the supplier of your purchased item.

Shall you choose PayPal as a payment method, your account will be charged by GoInterpay with “MERCHANT VIA GOINTERPLAY” or an equivalent descriptor.

If GoInterpay receives a parcel from Supplier that contains only a part of the placed order, the company shall deem the item received and bill you with the price equal to the one of the received products. The company also bills for the allocated shipping and/or handling, as well as taxes and VAT. Shall you choose the Delivered at Place (DAT) delivery method, you won’t be billed for the aforementioned fees.

In the event of Supplier sending your order in multiple parcels, unless you have previously agreed to it, bill by GoInterpay will NOT exceed the total amount finalized during the placement of your order. Any technical errors in GoInterpay system that may accept a transaction with a rate that is exceedingly off-market, makes the aforementioned transaction null and void.

The following Terms of Use have been updated on day/month/year.

All websites owned by SOLO for diamonds are run by the team based in %city_name%, %country_name%. It is important to note that the company does not guarantee that information and content on this and any other website owned by SOLO for diamonds is available in other locations and/or is appropriate for them. Local laws apply to the visitors that choose to access and browse websites that belong to SOLO for diamonds. Users hold sole responsibility for using the aforementioned websites.

We appreciate your attention and interest in SOLO for diamonds and wish you a delightful shopping experience.